Ego Depletion

by an0va

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Two years after an0va's self-defining debut, "Ego Depletion" uses the retro electronic sounds of a Nintendo Gameboy to take the listener on a spiritual journey to destroy the Self and unleash the Id.

8bit for your soul.


Based on thoughts by Dr. Jung and Dr. Csikszentmihalyi.



released 05 October 2013
All tracks composed and performed by Daniel Davis
using one Nintendo Gameboy using LSDJ.
All rights reserved © 2013

Album art by Alex Kiefer / exilefaker

Production by Dino Lionetti and Daniel Davis at Fresh Produce Studios, Philadelphia PA

Mastered by Stephen Roessner at Calibrated Recording, Rochester NY

ambient segues and bonus tracks performed by: Daniel Davis, Dino Lionetti, Joey Mariano, Aleister Williams, and Michael Amason

This album would simply not be possible without the support, inspiration, and encouragement from: My family, Dino Lionetti, Paul Weinstein, Joey Mariano, Alex Kiefer, Emily K. Feder, Stephen Roessner, Chris Davidson, Aleister Williams, Michael Amason, Will Henson, Dannel Jurado, Emily Corvi, Joshua Davis, Don Miller, Jenn De La Vega, Ricardo Almonte, Jessen Jurado, Nick Maynard, Robert Ian Mostyn, Curtis Ware, Mike Goodman, Mateo John Marshall, Brandon L. Hood, Chris Sheipe, Jerry Broniec, Jeffrey Roberts, Phil Benson, Chip Schwartz, Jake Beadenkopf, Max Dolensky, Jami Carignan, Chris Burke, Richard & Timothy Caraballo, mark gormley, Kris Keyser, Rob Peace, Alex Mauer, Shawn Phase, Dan Behrens, 8static, Pulsewave, I/O Chip Music, GameChops, MAGfest, Third Generation, BRKfest 2013, PHILLY CHIP, BX Crew, Rochester Chip, Data Garden, AGA, CATROPOLIS, Michael Raisner, Sean & Kasha Egan, Katie Dempsey, Daniel Erick Park, Devin Hart, Chris De Pew, Josh Cianciulli, Glenn Braun Graeber, Ben Mason, Marjorie Becker, Daniel Parisi, EMi Spicer, Alex Wimmer, The Lunch/HP/TabIt crew, DVGmusic, axl rose, Pete Davis/Nick Shaw/Invalids, and YOU

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